His riches shall fall

He that trusteth in his riches shall fall: but the righteous shall flourish as a branch. Proverbs 11:28

I was wondering what riches mean in this, riches as far as money, and as far as things possessed would be one way of looking at this verse, and it is certainly is true. The other thing that I was reminded of is riches as far as most things go, trusting in my own ability, my work income, trusting in myself meaning I can take care of anything. I am to trust in the Lord, that is where I am to place my trust in, He will never fail, but my riches may run out, my resources, my strength all may fail me, but God never does. That is why the righteous flourish, because the righteous put their trust in God. They know that all they have is His, and they don’t trust in their own strength or abilities or resources. It isn’t that I am not to use what the Lord gave me, but to realize that those things alone will not cause me to flourish. What causes me to flourish is to give it all to Him and allow Him to guide me and provide for me. After all, if it wasn’t for Him, I would not have a life to live.

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