Hate is in darkness

He that saith he is in the light, and hateth his brother, is in darkness even until now. 1John 2:9

I know I cannot love God and hate another person, because God sent His Son to die for them, and I know that He created them for a purpose and loves them too. So how can I hate God’s creation if I claim I know God. Even when someone harms me how can I hate them? I hate the actions but not the man or woman who harmed me, because I know that essentially the actions from someone do not reflect the person, rather it is a reflection of what is in their heart. They are in darkness, or something is polluting the streams of water in their heart, soul. How can I hate when the heart I have has been made tender by the Holy Spirit, when the heart that I have is a heart of flesh not of stone? It has not been so long that I cannot remember the old man that was crucified, with its lusts and so forth, and understand that some have not had a new life created in them. That Jesus dwells within me, and the power of the Holy Spirit which created a new life in me. I don’t live but Jesus lives in me. One cannot hate, and be in the light, because if in the light the hate is not there, and if any hate dwells within a heart then that is darkness, and the Light of the World will dispel all darkness. These are just points to ponder when my heart is full of emotions, like hurt and anger. I need to stop and think, God was patient with me, not wanting me to perish, and like me, He is waiting to bring the offender to the saving knowledge of His Son. Another point to add, is that if I pray for someone who has committed offense to me, I may be the only one praying for Him, and I know the only way for God to hear my prayers and move His hand, is for my heart to be full of love for the offender, and with a heart full of love there is no room for hatred. Christ’s Peace be with you this day.

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