To Oregon with local pastor

Ambassador David traveled to Oregon with Pastor of local church, he was generous enough to give him a ride, and he will return in a week or so. He is doing a little ministry and work while there. Please keep him in prayer.

We would like to thank all of those who kept Ambassador David’s nephew in prayer, he is doing much better, but still has a way to go, please continue praying for Jeremy.

Mission went well of course, (All things work together for good ect).

The State Pastor and I spoke of governments and God’s Government and other Law Issues, especially The Law of Peace In Christ Jesus/The Word, His Spirit with Us. I told him that I wasn’t here to tear his Church down tear up his Congregation, or get anyone in trouble. As long as they aren’t called out yet The Lord’s Will be done In His time. The 8hr journey felt like 3hrs. Both enjoyed the Day lots.

Next Day I went to Salem to get a rusted yellow old Datsun PU and visited for afternoon with good friends at Embassy and had dinner. (general rule, if you are there you eat)

That evening on the way back north while I was discussing Authority In Christ Jesus, and Diplomatic Immunity and Bible containing Rules pertaining to Commercial and international law and all of it relevant to Today when I noticed a brother wearing a Mask called State Police Officer pulled out behind us on freeway. My Guest asked if I was going to jail today. I replied that you never know but that we would just have to see what The Lord brings about.

Then added, “I doubt it though”.

I introduced Myself as an Ambassador for The Kingdom of Heaven and asked how I could help him. He said he needed to see a State Drivers License, as opposed to the Passport I presented. I told him that seeing as I wasn’t a U.S. Resident The Passport is what he needs. Then we discussed the lords he works for and Thee Lord I worked for and I informed him that “as long as we all keep a little bit of love in our hearts sooner or later My Lord would straighten all things out”. He wrote me out a Citation for “No valid operators License issued in any State” across the top of it, which is about all he knows about his part in” The Law”. But 1st he needed a physical address, I gave him general post at Kooskia. then he wanted DOB, I told him 11/4/90. He said he understood about all that but needed the other one. I said “I am Born Again In Truth and At Law and have nothing to do with the old commercial Person” and told him to just put that one down there and “they” can figure it out. so he did and told me that he didn’t know what would happen if I was stopped again later, but to Have a nice Day. I told him it was great to meet him and prayed that Christ’s Peace be with him also and we pulled out with that hitchhiker shouting ‘Praise The Lord, Hallelujah, The Lord can deliver us”. then said, “that this ride wasn’t on accident, The Lord got me this ride, he wanted me to learn something.” I told him that it was days like these that I live for, I like my Job.

A couple other visits and a few days painting ceilings for some extra support for Ministry and a long day in a slow little PU and back at Idaho looking forward to the day I am not the grand total of those truly qualified and able to Claim to be 1 of His Lawful Assembly, In The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth in the whole area where men are falling out of community and into jail like flies for their affection for a Document of men and a time and place long since past.

David Z, Brugger Ambassador for Christ’s Government

The Law of Peace is In Christ Jesus/The Word of God Our Father

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