I am Convinced that

I am convinced that Christ, Moses and Abraham were all trying to teach men how to come together and be free souls under God;

That evil creates the same type of system over and over because:

  • God does not change,
  • Evil does not change and
  • Man does not choose to change.

God does not want to force you to:

  • Trust him
  • Obey him
  • Walk with him…
  • Instead God wants you to LOVE him.

Evil is not so particular in his goal for you to:

  • Join him (usurp God)
  • Judge him or
  • Judge anyone

Man is made in the image of God.

Because he turned from God he lost sight of:

  •  who he is,
  • who he should be
  • Who he was meant to be.

If Man learns to love his fellow man he has learned what evil refuses to learn.

If Man learns to sacrifice his life for others he has learned what evil does not want him to do.

If he learns to forgive others he becomes what evil cannot tolerate.

  •  Forgiven.

The systems that Jesus, Moses and Abraham were teaching were systems of voluntary:

  •  Forgiveness, Trust, Faith, Hope and Charity.
  • And also: Liberty, Industry, Diligence and Sacrifice,

The system created by evil is a system that is dependent upon just the opposite:

  •  Selfishness, Judgment, Deception, Entitlements and Covetousness.
  • And also: Control, Apathy, Avarice and Indifference.

How far these aspects can reach in our lives is dependent upon the direction of our heats and minds.

If we have been seduced, lead or are following the system of evil we should turn around, repent and follow the system of life.

One is a snare that draws us to death, the other is a path that leads us to life.

In both directions we will face death but in one we shall be devoured and in the other we shall be raised up.

The only true choice we have in this world and the next is the direction we choose to go. One is the kingdom of God that leads to life and the other is the world, the flesh and evil, bringing death and destruction.

One way brings illumination and the other brings illusion; one is transforming and the other is transfixing.

In either case we began in the world. We learn to be of the world or of the kingdom of God.

On the best advise of Jesus Christ, I am going to preach the kingdom of God is at hand.

I am further convinced that the kingdom is a form of government based on freewill aspects mentioned above where people come together for the promotion of those precepts and ordinances of Jesus Christ. The world and the order it imposes seduces, deceives and entices all to do the opposite of Christ’s Kingdom at hand.

The enemy of freedom wishes to divide and conquer the people who seek freedom and liberty under God and have found no greater alley than modern religion.

But Christ did not preach religion. He taught precepts of faith, hope and charity in a national brotherhood where its ministers could not exercise authority one over the other and rights and responsibilities remained with the children of God.

Peace on your house

Gregory at hisholychurch.net

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