Keep your tongue

Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles. Proverbs 21:23

Its so hard to do this, when you get to talking, and involved with anger or so forth its easy to allow your anger or bitterness to come through. This verse means who ever watches over the things he says, gossiping backbiting, and all else will keep himself from trouble, or even lying because he will have to have an account for everything he says. Best thing to do is say nothing at all. Especially when you are talking about someone else. Go by what you know, if you do not know the person then say nothing, and if you do,, will it edify? Is it something that you would repeat to the person himself, if not,, say nothing. Prayerfully consider what conversations you are to involve yourself in. In your chaste conversations, in what you say, can hurt or bless someone. Remember even though the one you are talking about is not there, God knows. We are called to encourage and exhort each other to each other. Not to someone else. Wives, don’t talk about your husbands, if you have a problem with them bring it up in prayer, then speak to your husbands not to someone else. Only God has all the answers, its not found in your friends or family but in prayer, communication with the Father is all things revealed. Just something I have been learning and finding out it is so much easier to gossip then to pray about a matter especially if there is any misunderstanding in your heart or anger or bitterness,, check your heart before you speak, better yet, listen,, and wait, by then the conversation will have gone to another topic.

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