Cease from strife

It is an honour for a man to cease from strife: but every fool will be meddling. Proverbs 20:3

I believe it is hard to cease from strife, I think its real easy to get caught up in all the goings on, with others, I seem to see other people’s faults and so forth more easily than my own. I think that is a way of avoiding what the Lord is showing me in my own heart. Another thing which creates strife is gossip, where I war with words, and not words that have any life in them either. If I allow my mouth and my thoughts to be in strife with others, then I will meddle in other people’s business. Only God knows the whole picture, He doesn’t work with opinions, doctrines or what He considers as flaws which need to be corrected. He sees the heart, and knows what goes on in each man’s heart and household. I believe the ability to walk away, and not allow myself to get caught up in other’s lives, and being able to place each thing I say and each word I hear before the Father in prayer is what stops strife. To take every thought captive, to stop vain imaginations, and to focus on God and what His word says concerning my brother or sister will lead to honour, will lead to peace. Not as the world knows it, but peace to walk with all men, not just those who pass my inspection as what holiness should be. After all, I am flesh too, as are they.

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