Trip to Idaho

Ambassador David has successfully made the trip to Idaho, some of those who may be reading this may know him best as Bibledude a voice in MSN Chat speaking truth to all who with ears to hear. He is hoping that he can reach many in Idaho, and he has been graciously received by most there so far.

He would like to thank many who have helped him set up this ministry in Idaho those who have donated furniture, utensils and a place to set up the ministry.

Ambassador David has his first opportunity to have a ministry meeting on March 7th in Perce County Courthouse.

” I was stopped outside Kamiah in Nes Perce County (Indian Land) by Idaho State Police, I greeted him with “Good Afternoon I am an Ambassador for the Kingdom of Heaven, How can I help you?” He replied that he was an Officer for the State of Idaho and wanted to see an Idaho Drivers License, I replied that I wasn’t a Resident of Idaho so I didn’t qualify for 1. He said they are in the habit of requiring all to have a Drivers License, I said I have 1 but it is from the Kingdom of Heaven like my Passport and wasn’t under his authority and showed him my License from Heaven. He then asked if I had proof of Insurance, I said yes I do and pulled out my Insurance form from and pointing said there is my Policy #. He took all 3 papers and showed them to his camera in his car, (stayed tuned to see on Cops TV. show). I asked him whom I would have to take up theses matters with if he were to cite me, he said the Courthouse in Perce or Pierce about 40 miles away. I said alright we should be able to come to an understanding as I was familiar with working with judges. He wrote me for Speeding and for Failure to Purchase a Drivers License, and didn’t need me to sign the 1 for speeding but needed me to sign the no License one. I wrote, Under Threat and Duress David Z. Brugger Ambassador, and he said that was alright, then I said, the law of peace in in Christ Jesus, and there is always a way to settle things without resorting to War+Strife and that rather than trying to get him to understand all about Law and how it works when applied Rightly I would take it up with his superiors later as even though I thoroughly enjoyed Ministering in jails as being the only place I knew that I could lock up Parishioners for 8 hr shifts w/0 them being able to get away w/o quitting their jobs. He laughed and smiled. He asked if there was perhaps anyone in the car with a license but didn’t sound too hopeful, perhaps because of our singing and all being in such good Spirit, and got a resounding NO from all of us. So he said he had to inform me tat I shouldn’t be driving but he was off to an accident site so not to panic when he passed me soon with his lights on again. And off we went. Once again I neglected to get my Passport signed.” In His and at your Service Ambassador David.

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