The fight is His

The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace. Exodus 14:14

I wonder how many times the Lord speaks that into my life, during situations where I cannot do anything by my own strength. Especially when there are no A or B or C options, isn’t it great to know that our Father will fight for you and me? As I am trying to get through this world, when it seems that everything and everyone is against me, or that I have to fight against insurmountable odds to take a stand which at the time seems hopeless or unpopular I am sure in my heart that the Lord will fight for me. I just have to hold my peace, to me this part means be quiet and watch Him move, quit worrying, quit complaining and quit being fearful that the world will get the best of me, that it will defeat me. I am to hold to His peace, which is in my heart. This verse is a promise. Many verses say the same thing, and the promise is the same as it is here. Who can wage war against the Beast? Only God can through His Word, His Sword of Truth, I certainly cannot fight, I am too weak, but God can and most importantly He will.

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