Stay in Idaho as Lord wills

Well we are still here, although finances are tight we are still hanging in there, I am hoping to start a women’s prayer group here. There are many that are wanting to get together and pray. The radio Station is still getting truth out, and in many ways we at this ministry are just settling in. I have developed a heart for others around here, and hope we can stay as the Lord wills.

Had a minor set back as I deleted the web site from our computer, but thanks to the Lord I was able to make up some new pages. Ambassador David is back in the chat rooms, and spreading the word of the Kingdom of Heaven. The war in Iraq wages on, but here, it seems far away, as we attempt to keep our eyes on God, and our hearts in His Kingdom.

Fonda Zion

Please visit us from time to time as we keep you updated. Embassy of Heaven has just published copies of “Letters to Jessica”, they are available at their site: It is a very good book and well written. Also would like to thank the Lord for fixing the server problems at Embassy, and our prayers go out to them, this was but a momentary slight affliction, and they continue to spread the Word of the Kingdom of Heaven, as a present reality.

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