Nes Perce County Court

It snowed about a foot over night and was still falling, but a brother and I plowed our way down the mountain to Lewis County were I had been directed to by Officer Oswald, I had been looking forward to doing The Lord’s work all week, but the courthouse was locked when we arrived, so while there I introduced myself and the Lord’s ministry to a deputy and some clerks next door while I waited for Courthouse to be opened. I informed them that I was there to exercise the Right of Visitation to be heard on the matters of the day. I also explained what an Abatement was and how they needed for Me to accept the ALL CAP/Mark of a beast in order to recognize me and thus join this living Christian Man to the Dead and that it could not be done without My Consent. Also asked him to let Sheriff know that he met me and as I intended to get known in all surrounding counties as I would be teaching community how to stand on Law/His Word rather than guns. My brother in Christ gave the deputy a video tape called “9-11 The Road to Tyranny” When Courthouse opened I was informed by two nice ladies that enjoyed discourse also that I was at wrong county, and they called Lewis County at Lewiston (about 60 more miles away) and scheduled me for 4pm and allowed me to make a call and brother left them a video tape also, and we were off to Lewiston through the back hills route through mountains. On our Way we stopped at a small cafe and RV park in middle of nowhere for restroom, coffee, and some biscuits and gravy, The Lord was at work, the waitress greeted a man as Sheriff. I said “Greetings Randy, I was just at your place and spoke with your people but was in wrong county, I told the Deputy to let you know I was there and planned to get known by all the surrounding counties as a Good and Lawful Christian man teaching the community and variety of Radicals gathered together by Bo Gritz and left here wondering what to do next how to use true Law/God’s Word instead of guns to overcome the World System and am now on The Way to meet with Nes Perce people and that I normally would just send citations back with Abatement papers and that I hadn’t lost a case in years or even able to get arrested anymore in Oregon but thought since I was new to the area I should introduce myself personally so that all could know me as a Minister of the Law of Peace in Christ.” He said” What, do you have Diplomatic Immunity or something?” I said “Exactly, I am an Ambassador for Christ’s Kingdom” and showed him my credentials (passport). And we were on our Way again.


Arrived at Nez Perce County Courthouse in Lewiston. County Clerks office person informed me that there was no judge to see today, and wanted me to plea/pray to her instead. I told her I came all this way to see a judge to Abate the Matter or get arrested for contempt and wasn’t about to Plea to faulty process, I served the “citations” which were Refused for Cause, and went to see Sheriff next door. He was not in, a very nice woman made me a copy of citations and took a letter to give to him for me.

David Z, Brugger Ambassador for Christ

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