In Idaho and Colorado reflections

Returned from Colorado a week ago, have been rather busy with catching up with all the goings on in Idaho, but thought I would take a moment to share with you all that occurred while in Colorado. Well we made it there and back, only one slight problem with the alternator on the car, but was able to fix it, we received donations from a few people on our trip, one was from a wonderful lady in Fountain, she gave us all her tips that she had for that day. The visit with my children went well, it was hard leaving them and we also got to minister to their dad, and help him pack up his house because they were moving on property he bought, so they can be away from the city and start fresh. It rained most of the time while there and even though I didn’t have a camera, I have pictures in my heart. Next we went to Denver and visited some friends there, they are separate in their own way, and we were able to share much with them and they with us. Thank you very much for giving us a place to sleep and great conversation and donating to the ministry. We traveled onward to Rifle Colorado and visited with a friend, I personally have never been treated so well in my life, they made us feel so welcome and gave us so much while there, we spent a couple nights late, talking about a lot of things, and it truly was a blessing to be there for a visit. We left with a big truck don’t know exactly what it is called but we had gas to drive it all the way back to Idaho. I drove the metro and Ambassador David drove the truck all went well but I got sunburned. The Lord is quickly replenishing what we spent in Colorado and we are excited to see what the Lord will do next in this place we are stationed at. Fonda Zion

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