Darkness to Light

He discovereth deep things out of darkness, and bringeth out to light the shadow of death. Job 12:22

I saw this verse in a book I was reading and it drew my interest so I looked it up and read the chapter. Its funny how you can read the Word of God over and over again and not see some things written in there. I believe it is great that the Holy Spirit shows us those things, that I previously have not seen. He not only shows me but touches my heart also. In this verse I know that He gives further evidence of seeing into my heart. He shows me my sins, it is seen under the light of His love, nothing is hidden, nothing is laid in secret that my heavenly Father cannot see. My heart motives, my faults, all things are laid bare before Him. Something that could cause death, separation from Him does He show me, so we can deal with it together. He chastises me because He loves me and is making a vessel, purifying that vessel to better be used of Him. Less of me and more of Him. Search me, and bring to light the shadow of death within me, my flesh. Amen.

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